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One many Druid carved stones in Goven Church.
Eilean Donan Castle c1970; i.e., before restoration
Horse-drawn barge on the Clyde-Forth Canal.
Train service in Scotland is excellent and fast way to travel between town and country
Stirling Castle
Kilcurn Castle
Perth on the River Tay
A group of Iceland Forestry Associaion members wandering through the The famous hybrid Larch at Dunkeld Cathedral
The larch at Dunkeld Cathedral.
Drumnadrochit Castle, Loch Ness
Inverary Castle, Home of the Duke of Argyll
Aberfoyle Graveyard where The Rev. Kirk of Fairy Folklore author of the The Secret Commonwealth. Although his Head stone still stands, his reamains are mysteriously missing (taken by the Faries!)
A fine pig roast for dinner in the Inverary Castle.
The Scottish Baronial Gate House at Adverikie
Adverikie - the setting for very popular "Monarch of the Glen" television series
The Duke of Athol's Athol Highlanders - the only legal private army in Europe
The william Wallace Monumenton Abbey Craig overlooking the site of the famous battle of Stirling Bridge.
Stirling Castle
Achnashellach. The railway traversing the hillside is reputed to be the most scenic railway in Europe.
Some young Norway Spruce growing on the site of the ancient shieling Bruach where Dr. Alexander Robertson was born.
On the opposite side of loch Arklet from Bruach is Corrieheechan where Mary McGregor was living with her uncle when Rob Roy MacGregor proposed marraige. They were wed at Corriearklet a few hundred yards west of Bruach.
Corriearklet Farm is all that reamins of the a substantial village that was the administrative centre for the district and where Rob Roy MacGregor (alias Roberts Campbell) was baptised in 1671 and later married Mary McGregor of Comer
Bruach was demolished in the 1950's and all that remains is an stone with an 18th century broad arrow mark on a stone and another with a brass plate for geodesic Survey to measure changes in the earth's crust
Up until the early 20th century Bruach would have had thatched roof like this one a few miles east of Bruach at Milton still being used for B&B. It is famous In Sir Walter Scott Novels Rob Roy where the fictitious fray in clachan took place and it's where Scott lodged.
The Arrochar Alps from Bruach
Main Street of the wee village of Aberfoyle in the heqart of the Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park.
Both Aberfoyle Situated on the banks of the River Forth and Kirkton Farm on the opposite side it is prone flash floods as this camper discovered during the night.
Suidheachan, Sir Compton Mackenzie's House on Benbecula one of the western Islands. Among his best known among his 90 books are Monarch of the Glen, Whisky Galore. Extraordinary Women, Greek Memories. He was a Captain in the Royal Marines and Director of the Aegean Intellegence Service. In other words - a genuine James Bond.
A short walk from Compton Mackenzies house is the Benbecula Airport - the only airport in Brition that lands on a tidal beach. The flights are to-n-fro Glasgow
Typical highland road passing under the arches of beautiful natural broadleaf woodland.
The forestry Commission Scotland has been responsible for most of the plantation forestry in Scotland and to a lesser degree in England and Wales too. This is Craigvinean Forest opposite Dunkeld.
Beautiful pastoral scenery of the lowland at the south end of Loch Lomond.
Inverness on the banks of the River Ness. The River and Lochness has been an shortcut shipping route to the west Scotland long before the Viking age
The pleasant grounds of Dunkeld Cathedral
Galangad Farm, on the south end of Loch Lomond was made famous in Scott's epic "Lady of the Lake" Rob Roy's son James was to reposses the Galangad Bull and drive it up the trackless and almost impassable east side of the loch.
The Bull of Galangad
His hide was snow, his horns dark,
His read eye glow'd like fiery spark;
So fierce, so tamless, and so fleet,
So did he cumber our retreat.
The beautiful little Aberfoyle School opened in 1870 below the ancient oak woodland below Lime Craig - and still functioning.
The beautifull village of Galashiels in the Scottish borders
Dunning Mansion now a retirement centre
The famous contemporary shepherd, writer and lecturer John Barrington with Stirling Robertson.
The sheep are some of John's rare breeds
Dunsinane Hill, site of King MacBeth's Castle, This is not far from his cousin King Malcolm (Canmore) who slew McBeth. That much of shakespear's poem is true.
A touch of Gothic in Perth
Fingast Castle
Kelvin Hall Museaum, Glasgow
The famous Mitchell Library on North Street near Charing Cross, Glasgow.
Edith Cavell Memorial Garden
Edith Louisa Cavell (1865-1915) was a British nurse. She is celebrated for saving the lives of soldiers from both sides without distinction and in helping some 200 Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium during World War
Ben Lomond and Loch Ard Forest which became the Queen Elizabeth II Forest Park.Alexander Began his forestry career in 1945 by planting and tending the forest that are being harvested as shown in the photo.
Ben Lomond and extinct Volcanoe
Replanting immediatly after the mature plantation has been harvested. Snow capped Ben Lomond is in the distance.


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