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As an alternative to gallery at the bottom of a page, this page has links to slide shows containing some of my  photographs  of interesting places in Europe 

The first slide show is Portugal where most of  Robertson's photographs  were taken around  St. Lutzia - Tavira area. This is such a beautiful and very sunny district that the photos need no comment. portugal  algarve west is

one of the most beautiful and photogenic historical places with a pleasant climate is Malta. especially when one looks closely at its urban trees  and incredibly old  stone walls in Malta.  great and small. the  trees add a great deal to the  ambience of Malta while its magnificent stone walls reflect a very ancient and often turbulent  history.

 East Sussex between Eastbourne and Downs is classic English countryside east-sussex  The famous travel agency Thomas Cook  grew out of a day trip  from Glasgow to the Trossachs then rowed westward on Loch Katrine up and over Glen Arklet to Loch Lomond, the by rowboat down to the River Clyde where the group caught a steamer to continue their journey to the western Isles. /historic-glen-arklet.pdf

  through which Cook's party travelled, is  where Alexander Robertson was born in the vicinity of a site where a famous battle between the Gaelic-speaking Dalradians (Dal Riti) and Strathclyde Britons “709: Congressio Britonum & Dal Riati for Loirgg Ecclet ubi Britones deuicti”  The translation simply means that the Gaelic  speaking Dalriadians (Dal riiti) defeated  the Britons (Strathclyde Scots) – thus giving the Dal Riti control of a much larger portion of Scotland.  South of Glen Arklet is the Birth Place of St. Patrick at Old Kilpatrick born to Roman Parents on the west end of the Antonine Wall.on the north east side of of Loch Lomond - better known as the Trossachs once the Kingdom of the Fortrenn rule by the legendary King Arthur (click). related slide shows feature the very interest Glasgow in wartime. where the Robertson family moved to Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow during WWII Glasgow-images. After World War II most of the family returned to the beautiful Trossachs see  sandy-photobiography-return  and started work as a school leaver  forest worker in Loch Ard Forest and later  Craigvinean forest some experiences of which are summarised  highlands of scotland forest worker


Nova Scotia and New Brunswick  Canada is a beautiful province and has preserved and displayed much of  thier history; for example  18th century nova scotia. and also 18th-century heritage farm in rural new Brunswick 



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